Unit Crests

Price: $30.00 includes shipping
            $24.00 to reserve and pick up at reunion

The unit crests are sold as a pair and are the same as those you may have been issued while in the 5th Maintenance Battalion. They are made by the same company that supplied them back in '66

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Item 2

Challenge coins
Price: $ 13.00

These coins are a must when having a few beers with the guys. If one guy slaps a coin down (challenges you) and you can't answer with one of your own, you get to buy the next round.

Price: 13.00 plus shipping. All prices below include shipping

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Item 3

5th Maintenance Bn. Hat

This is a quality constructed style hat. One size fits all with the adjustable rear strap. A constructed style hat has a reinforced front that will not crush.

Price: $20.00 plus $5.95 s+h